• Automobile lightweight

    Aluminum Alloys Used in the Auto Industry

    Mingtai Aluminum is the first-choice for automotive aluminum sheet due to its unmatched manufacturing footprint, ability to deliver consistent quality product on a global scale and its innovative product portfolio.

    Aluminum is a lightweight material. When used in automobiles, it can significantly enhance performance and improve fuel economy. Not only that, but aluminum is strong. It is because of the strength-to-weight ratio that aluminum is so valuable in the transportation industry. Vehicular performance enhancements do not come at the compromise of safety. With its high strength and low weight, safety for drivers and passengers is improved. Let the team at Mingtai Aluminum supply you with the quality aluminum products you need for your auto manufacturing requirements.

  • Applications and Demands

    Aluminum Sheet for truck lid, bonne inner, bonnet outer, front fender

    For the truck lid, bonne inner, bonnet outer, front fender, the mature products we have developed so far are 5182 alloy plates. The stamping effect of Mingtai Aluminum 5182 alloy aluminum sheet is good. From the customer’s reaction situation, there is no crack after the aluminum sheet is stamped. 5182 aluminum alloy, Mingtai can produce a thickness range of 0.15-600mm, width range of 20-2600mm (cut according to customer needs).

  • Aluminum Sheet for Vehicle Bodies

    As part of the ever-increasing effort to maximize fuel economy, automakers are more than often substituting aluminum for steel to build body panels in order to save weight. Both producers and consumers are finding that aluminum is great to work with in terms of gas mileage, but it can cause other problems to surface.

    Aluminum is seen as one of the best ways to reduce hundreds of pounds of body weight all at once. Ford has been a leader in embracing the material at a volume level, and they have placed a huge bet on their aluminum crash diet.

    Mingtai has successfully developed products for auto bodies, including aluminum alloy 6082, a thickness range of 0.3-600mm, width range of 50-2600mm

  • Aluminum Foil for Battery Shell Cells

    The popularity of new energy vehicles and electric vehicles has forced automotive power batteries to make changes in raw materials. Mingtai has successfully developed products for power batteries, including power battery shell 3003 aluminum strip, battery core 1235 aluminum foil, 3003/1070/1235 aluminum foil.

    For 3003 aluminum alloy, we can produce a thickness range of 0.20-4.5mm and a width range of 20-2600mm. 1070 aluminum foil, 1235 battery foil, the market demand materials are generally H18 state, the thickness is generally 0.012-0.02mm, the width range: 280-1200mm.

  • Aluminum sheet for tailgate inserts and other materials

    If you are looking for tailgate inserts material in the market, then Mingtai Aluminum will be your best friend. Mingtai Aluminum provides aluminum sheet for tailgate inserts.

    5052 Aluminum Sheet: 5052 aluminum sheet is much stronger than 1100 or 3000 series aluminum sheet and can be formed with a reasonable radius of curvature. Aluminum alloy in tempered temper. 5052 has very good quality for the application environment. Can be used in automotive applications. When magnesium is used as the primary alloying element or in combination with manganese, the result is a moderate to high power non-heat treatable aluminum alloy. It also has very good quality weldability and good cold formability.

    5754 aluminum sheet: Al 5754 has high strength resistance, excellent atmospheric and corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, and is suitable for anodic oxidation protection. 5754 alloy is widely used in automotive body panels and frames.

Why include aluminum in cars Advantages of Aluminum Alloys in Automotive lightweight

Significant weight reduction and energy saving

Aluminum has good mechanical properties, its density is only 1/3 of that of steel, has good thermal conductivity, and its machining performance is 4.5 times higher than that of iron. Therefore, aluminum is the ideal material for achieving lightweight automobile. Aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle by 10%, the weight loss of the vehicle is 100 kilograms, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.4 liters, the carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 1 kilogram, and the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%;

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Why include aluminum in cars Advantages of Aluminum Alloys in Automotive lightweight

Excellent corrosion resistance properties

Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, and the oxide film naturally formed on the surface has good corrosion resistance, so the "all-aluminum body" will be superior in durability to the conventional steel body.

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Why include aluminum in cars Advantages of Aluminum Alloys in Automotive lightweight

Improve comfort and safety Characters

Aluminum alloy cars reduce the weight of the car without reducing the car's capacity, the center of gravity of the car is reduced, and the car is more stable and comfortable. Due to the good energy absorption of the aluminum material, there is a clear advantage in the safety of the collision. The deformation zone at the front of the car will wrinkle during the collision, and can absorb a large amount of impact force, thereby protecting the driver and the passenger behind.

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Why include aluminum in cars Advantages of Aluminum Alloys in Automotive lightweight

Aluminum is easy to recycle

In the cycle of aluminum-aluminum products-use-recycling recycled aluminum ingots-reprocessed into aluminum, the loss of aluminum is only about 5%, and its regeneration performance is higher than that of any common metal.

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  • Significant weight reduction and energy saving
  • Excellent corrosion resistance properties
  • Improve comfort and safety Characters
  • Aluminum is easy to recycle

Types and applications of aluminum alloys for vehicles

Mingtai aluminum alloys are produced in its cutting-edge works under thorough quality and environmental management systems with ISO 9001 and Ts 16949 certification.

Applications in automobile




Car front and rear fenders, quarter panels

5182 aluminum sheet



Car lift or car elevator

Skid plate

5083aluminum sheet


5754 aluminum sheet

Car wheel rim, truck wheel rim

6061 aluminum sheet



battery bottom plate

Fuel tank aluminum plate

5083 aluminum sheet


5052 aluminum sheet

Gas storage tank

5083 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum sheet

Power battery casing material

3003aluminum strip