Bangladesh 23 tons 3004 aluminum jumbo roll for food containers

2023-08-11 14:50:12

The client from Bangladesh purchased 23 tons of 3004 aluminum foil for food containers from us !

In various applications concerning food packaging and meal box materials, 3004 aluminum foil finds widespread use. This alloy exhibits exceptional hardness, load-bearing capacity, and superior stamping capabilities compared to its 3003 counterpart. Consequently, it is a preferred choice for aluminum foil meal boxes and ensures product hygiene.

Mingtai’s 3004 aluminum foil containers exhibit superior strength compared to their 3003 aluminum foil counterparts. This specific alloy combines the cost advantage of 8011 aluminum foil with the strength benefits of 3003 aluminum foil.

With a tidy exterior and effective thermal conductivity, the 3004 foil container allows convenient heating on its original packaging through kitchen appliances like ovens, microwave ovens, and steamers.

This time around, the client approached us with a demand for aluminum foil used in food containers. The necessary specifications comprise pre-lubricated food container foil as follows: 3004 58mic*920, totaling 20 tons; 795mm-5 tons (31 micron); 630mm-5 tons (35 micron); and 820mm-6 tons (31 micron). It is advised that each roll weighs approximately 450-500kg.