Industry Status

China's top Ten Company in Aluminum Processing Industry, Top 500 Private Enterprises in Manufacturing


The fast growth and achievements of Mingtai in the past decades would not have been made, if not for the hard working of every Mingtai man and woman, the helps ofcaring leaders of all sectors, the trust and support of everycustomer. Every honor is a recognition to Mingtai, the honors inspire all Mingtai people for more achievements in their careers

Production Equipments

A man sharpens his tools before doing the work.

Only advanced production equipments can guarantee product quality.

Mingtai Aluminum is equipped with advanced production and research equipments product quality and competitiveness is guaranteed.

30T annealing furnace

Aluminum foil rolling mill

Cold rolling mill

Plate Stretching Machine

Grinding machine

Tilting furnace

Vertical Slitting Machine

Research and Developments

The research and development center of the company has a full professional staff of 313, inncluding 24 senior engineers and 73 junior engineers. It is equipped with specialized equipments including spectrum analyzers of Bruker and Thermo made, SEM and EDS of Hitachi, Oil analyzers, mechanical property testing machines, metalloscopes, atomic absorption analyzer, Chromatography and more. The center has made great achievements including new product development, it was rewarded as "Aluminum sheet product engineering technology research center"and "Company Technology Centers of Henan" .