What is recycled aluminum?

Recycled aluminum refers to metal aluminum obtained through at least one casting or processing, recycling and treatment, and the existing form of recycled aluminum is generally aluminum alloy. There are significant economic advantages to recycling aluminum scrap. Due to the strong corrosion resistance of aluminum metal, except for some aluminum chemical containers and devices, aluminum is almost not corroded during use, with very little loss, and can be recycled repeatedly. Therefore, aluminum has a strong recyclability Moreover, the use of recycled scrap aluminum to produce aluminum alloys has significant economic advantages over the production of primary aluminum.

  • Economic advantage
  • Less loss
  • Recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly

Sustainable development concept

  • Innovation drives the future

  • Safety priority

  • Compliance operation

  • Continue to strengthen communication

Carbon Footprint Certification

This time, SGS issued product carbon footprint certification for seven products of Mingtai Aluminum, which demonstrated the company's green and low-carbon development. While actively fulfilling social responsibilities, it also enhanced the company's core environmental protection competitiveness and expanded the company's low-carbon products in the market. Environmental impact. Mingtai Aluminum will, as always, adhere to the "green development" strategy, practice the "dual carbon" vision, and strive to achieve the national carbon peak and carbon neutral strategic goals. The company's 3003 aluminum strip products, 3004 aluminum plate products, 3004 aluminum foil products, 3104 aluminum plate products, 5083 aluminum strip products, 5182 aluminum strip products, and 6061 medium-thick plate products have successfully obtained the SGS carbon footprint certification, marking Mingtai Aluminum in the green low It has taken a solid step in promoting carbon and sustainable development.

Service and strive to create value for customers

In the fiercely competitive international market, Mingtai Aluminum aims to build a global strategy, actively promotes technological and management innovation, and optimizes overseas business models. The company's products have also been widely recognized and praised by the broad market. , the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Australia, Chile and more than 60 countries and regions.