Marine grade 5083 aluminum plate

2023-06-22 16:36:30

Marine grade 5083 aluminum plate is the perfect alloy for freshwater lake yachts. Such as commonly used 5083-h32 aluminum plate, 5083-O aluminum plate. In addition, 5083 marine grade aluminum plate has medium static strength, excellent corrosion resistance, especially in humid atmosphere and other environments.

Marine grade 5083 aluminum plate parameters

Typical alloy grade: 5083

Tempering: O, H32, H34, H22, H24, H2*, H111. H112 etc.

Specifications: thickness (1.5-30mm), width (1000-3100mm), length (1000-13000mm);

Grade certificate: BV /LR /ABS /CCS

Characteristics of marine grade 5083 aluminum plate

  • 1 Formability: Marine grade 5083 aluminum sheet has good formability in the annealed (O) state, followed by H32 and H34 states, and H36/H38 states are not good.
  • 2 Weldability: Marine grade 5083 aluminum plate can be well adapted to various welding methods, such as gas, arc, resistance, spot welding and seam welding, etc. The weld strength can reach 90% to 95% of the base metal strength.
  • 3 Other features: Excellent corrosion resistance, high surface processability, small elastic modulus, no low temperature brittleness, and no magnetism.

The practicability of marine grade 5083 aluminum plate

Marine grade 5083 aluminum sheet is a prime candidate for large marine structures that are sensitive to failure, such as tanks for LNG tankers, large marine diesel tanks, etc. Generally, it is widely used in static load parts working in liquid or gaseous medium.

Specifically, 5083 marine-grade aluminum plate is the material of choice for high-speed ships, speedboats, LNG spherical liquid storage tanks, hydrofoil ships, offshore operation ships, yachts, and ship cable trays and bottom plates.

Marine grade 5083 aluminum plate manufacturers

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