Mingtai Al. Industrial sent a well-prepared welfare to more than 6,000 employees

2023-07-10 17:15:03

“Three Summers” is the abbreviation of Xiashou, Xiazhong and Xiaguan. “Three Summers” is the first busy day of the year, starting in late May and ending in mid-June. At this time, the wheat and rapeseed sown in the autumn of last year are mature, and it is necessary to rush to harvest and return the grains to the warehouse.

In this hot weather, in order to thank all the staff for their hard work, let everyone have a cool and happy summer. Mingtai Al. Industrial sent a well-prepared welfare to more than 6,000 employees, and sent the company’s intimate condolences and deep care to the hearts of every employee. This year’s three summer benefits include: soda water, beer, rock sugar, cooking oil.

Although the scorching sun is scorching, the heart is cool. At the welfare distribution site, all departments of the company received it in an orderly manner, and all the employees were smiling. These summer benefits brought a little bit of comfort and coolness to the scorching summer, allowing everyone to fully feel the warmth of the Mingtai family.

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from employees, and the take-off of an enterprise cannot be separated from talents. The issuance of summer benefits this time reflects the company’s “people-oriented” corporate culture. Everyone expressed that they should transform the company’s care into a driving force to work hard, and make new and greater contributions to the company’s development with practical actions.

The distribution of benefits for Sanxia was successfully completed, and the employees took the benefits back home with bright smiles. The annual three-summer welfare has become a powerful measure to enrich corporate culture and promote corporate harmony.