Mingtai Aluminum distributes heat relief items to more than 6,000 employees

2024-05-31 13:46:05

Since May, the temperature has been rising. All employees of Mingtai Company have been conscientious and faithful in their duties, and have always stayed at their respective jobs. Mingtai Aluminum Company cares about its employees and distributed heat relief items to more than 6,000 employees of the company from May 30th to 31st, bringing cool benefits in the hot summer and sending the company’s caring condolences and deep care to the hearts of every employee.

In today’s fields, wheat has been harvested on a large scale by mechanization, and the concept of the three summers has gradually faded a lot. However, since its establishment in 1997, Mingtai Aluminum has continued the tradition of distributing three summers benefits, without any discounts. This year’s three summers benefits include rock sugar, cooking oil, soda water, and beer. A seemingly simple benefit carries the company’s deep care.

At the welfare distribution site, various departments of the company received them in an orderly manner, and employees and their families were all smiling.

Employee welfare is an important part of corporate culture. For a long time, Mingtai Aluminum has always adhered to the people-oriented principle, giving full play to the role of “mother family”, putting the interests of employees first, and doubling the happiness and sense of gain of employees. By distributing benefits and organizing various activities during traditional festivals, it has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to love their jobs and further enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of employees.