Mingtai aluminium checker plate 5454 6mm export to Malaysia

2023-08-18 15:37:19

In a notable accomplishment, Mingtai Aluminum, a prominent Chinese aluminum processing enterprise, has furnished 23 tons of high-quality 5454 aluminum checker plates to a valued client in Malaysia. This transaction underscores Mingtai Aluminum’s pledge to offer exceptional products and enhance its international reach.

The customer based in Malaysia is deeply involved in the creation, manufacturing, upkeep, and care of specialized vehicles, with a specific emphasis on road tanker uses. These vehicles have a crucial function in moving different liquids and gases, necessitating top-notch materials capable of enduring challenging situations. Our assurance lies in the application of the 5454 aluminum checker plate, which perfectly matches their distinct needs and offers a trustworthy resolution.

5454 aluminum plate has very good corrosion resistance, in particular to seawater and general environmental conditions.

Strength is medium to high and similar alloy 5754 with good strength in the temperature range 65 to 170 degrees centigrade.

It has a high fatigue strength. It is not suitable for complex or fine extrusions.

Applications 5454 is typically used in:

Road Transport Body-Building

Cemical and Process Plant

Pressure Vessels, Containers, Boilers


Marine & Off-shore incl. Masts,

Pylons, poles & masts

The most common temper O, H111, H22, H32

On this occasion, our customer has requested the provision of mill finish 5454 aluminum checker plate, adhering to the specified dimensions of 6*1100*6000mm. Feel invited to make a purchase from our factory for the 5454 Aluminum Checker Plate. Operating as one of China’s most trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum checker plates, we extend to you the convenience of online shopping. Explore our cost-effective pricing and excellent customer service without hesitation.