Pharmaceutical caps aluminum in Nigeria

2024-04-29 16:12:42

Pharmaceutical caps aluminum in Nigeria are mostly made of 8011-H14 aluminum foil or 8011-H16 aluminum foil. They are widely used in bottled liquids such as pharmaceutical oral liquids, antibiotics, and infusions.

Pharmaceutical caps aluminum in Nigeria product specification information

Alloy: 8011.

Status: H18.

Thickness range: usually between 0.018-0.5mm, it can also be customized according to customer needs.

Width range: 200-1650mm, can be cut according to customer needs.

Plate shape: It should be flat, with a clean surface, free of oil stains, black spots, scratches, bright lines, etc.

Pinhole degree: Strictly control pinholes, no pinholes.

Mechanical properties: It should have good tensile strength, elongation and hardness to meet later processing and use requirements.

Advantages of Aluminum for Pharmaceutical Caps

The main component of medical aluminum caps is aluminum alloy, which is processed into bottle caps through special processes. Of course, superior performance is the basis for its application in medicine. Medical aluminum caps are thin and easy to open. They are widely used in pharmaceutical oral liquids. Aluminum caps also play their advantages in sealing bottled liquids such as antibiotics and infusions. The aluminum cover has a simple structure, low cost, good sealing performance, and is simple and convenient to use.

Advantages and characteristics of 8011 aluminum foil

Good barrier properties: 8011 aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties, which can effectively block air, moisture and light, ensuring the stability and effectiveness of medicines.

Comply with food safety standards: 8011 aluminum foil complies with national food safety standards, is non-toxic and tasteless, can safely come into contact with drugs, and will not cause contamination or adverse effects on drugs.

Moisture-proof and light-proof: 8011 aluminum foil has good moisture-proof and light-proof properties, which can effectively prevent moisture and oxidation of medicines and maintain the quality of medicines.

High strength and high temperature resistance: 8011 aluminum foil has high hardness and strength and is not easily deformed or damaged. It can also withstand high-temperature sterilization and other treatments, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medicines.

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