AL EN AW 1050-H18

2023-05-23 16:48:22

AL EN AW 1050-H18

As a 1-series aluminum alloy, 1050 aluminum sheet has high plasticity and can be processed in various forms. AL EN AW 1050-H18 is a commonly used alloy temper.

1050 alloy application range: heat sink, signs, lamps, nameplates, electrical appliances, aluminum busbars, stamping parts, printing plate making

Alloy temper: Mingtai can produce all tempers of 1050 aluminum sheet

Alloy thickness that can be produced: 0.1-500mm

Mingtai ordering method: customized production according to demand

AL EN AW 1050 for lighting fixtures

Lighting appliances are generally high-efficiency, long-life, and high-safety lighting electrical products. 1050 aluminum sheet for lighting fixtures is also called 1050 pure aluminum sheet, which is one of the pure aluminum sheet series. 1050 pure aluminum sheet also includes 1050 mirror aluminum sheet, which is also widely used. 1050 aluminum sheet has the characteristics of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Lighting fixtures do not require high strength. Even if the strength of 1050 mirror aluminum sheet is not high enough, it can still be used in the production of lighting fixtures.

The material of heat sink is also AL EN AW 1050

Heat sinks are mainly made of all-aluminum, all-copper, half-copper and half-aluminum, and copper paste. Although silver is a conductor with high efficiency, it is too expensive to apply to the field of PC heat sinks. The thermal conductivity of all-aluminum ranks third, and the price of the material is about half that of pure copper. Therefore, all-aluminum materials are widely used in the field of heat dissipation. The heat sink plays an important role in the composition of the heat sink, the aluminum heat sink can be made of AL EN AW 1050,

AL EN AW 1050-H18 price

The price of 1050 aluminum sheets is related to the price of aluminum ingots, specific specifications and performance requirements, and transportation costs.

Aluminum ingot price—-The price of aluminum ingot is changing every day, and the quotation will be based on the price of aluminum ingot on that day.

Specific specifications—-1050 aluminum sheet is just an alloy, but its length, width and thickness specifications are different, which all affect the price of 1050 aluminum sheet.

Shipping fee—-The shipping fee to each port is different, and the shipping fee is also different in different periods.