Aluminum for motor vehicle license plates

2023-07-11 16:38:29

Aluminum alloys for motor vehicle licenses have become more and more widely used

With the development of the automobile industry, the demand for lightweight automotive aluminum is becoming more and more stringent, especially in terms of motor vehicle license plates. As a professional manufacturer of aluminum plates, Mingtai Aluminum has conducted in-depth research on the production and development of motor vehicle license plates. Major automobile manufacturers are increasingly favoring aluminum, and aluminum is more and more widely used in automobiles. The use of aluminum alloys to build car bodies not only improves the performance of automobiles, but also conforms to the current trend of lightweight in the automobile industry. Automobile license plates have also begun to use aluminum alloys. , Automobile aluminum plates are already common.

Advantages of aluminum for motor vehicle license plates

There are many kinds of materials and forms for the processing of automobile signs. At present, the aluminum plates of automobile signs are mostly designed with aluminum alloy materials. Aluminum alloy is a kind of precious metal material, which is characterized by light weight, good flatness, not easy to rust, slow oxidation, easy coloring, and light installation.

  1. Aluminum license plates are easy to process. Free of welding, easy to cut, easy to punch and form, can meet the needs of special processes.
  2. Bright colors, not easy to fade. Customers can use powder coating after purchasing aluminum plates, and the license plates are bright and durable.
  3. As a non-magnetic body, the aluminum license plates will not cause external interference to the equipment.
  4. Aluminum plates are relatively light in weight, and aluminum license plates will not only increase the weight of the equipment, but also save costs.
  5. Aluminum sheet has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and can form a hard and dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum and its alloys. Many substances will not corrode it, and it has excellent durability even in harsh environments.
  6. Ice plates generally do not need to be welded, which avoids the disadvantage of easy opening and welding of aluminum plates.

Commonly used motor vehicle license plates alloy

Aluminum for motor vehicle license plates has many alloy specifications. Common alloys include 5052 aluminum alloy, hot-rolled 1060 aluminum, hot-rolled 3003 aluminum plate, etc.; in addition to the above-mentioned alloys, there are many specifications to choose from, and can also be combined with the actual production needs of users Reasonable customization. The above-mentioned types of automotive signage aluminum plates have a high degree of market recognition, mature processing technology, good performance, good forming and processing performance, good corrosion resistance and welding performance.

Aluminum plate for vehicle license plate manufacturers

Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. provides aluminum for motor vehicle license plates, complete thickness. Provide various thicknesses of aluminum for motor vehicle license plates, which can be customized in various widths and lengths, and provide aluminum coils, aluminum strips, aluminum plates and other products.