1060-O Aluminum Tape Strip for Cable Applications 0.8mm x 80mm

2024-02-21 10:31:49

Aluminum strip/tape plays a crucial role in cable production and possesses excellent durability and reliability. It is used as a protective covering or wrap, effectively reducing wire deformation and aging, thereby extending the service life of cables. Cable aluminum tape is a deep-processed aluminum product formed by slicing aluminum coils.

The raw materials for cable aluminum strips are primarily pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast-rolled aluminum coils and hot-rolled aluminum coils. These are rolled into thin aluminum coils of various thicknesses and widths using cold rolling mills. Subsequently, a slitting machine longitudinally slits them into different widths based on their intended use.

The primary processing equipment for cable aluminum tapes is the slitting unit, which can cut the tape into desired lengths and widths. Typically, cable aluminum tapes are cut into widths based on the specific requirements of users. This approach helps reduce waste, simplify processing procedures, eliminate the need for additional cutting, and save on raw material costs.

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional aluminum strip manufacturer that can produce aluminum strip products with aoys of1050, 1060.1070, and 3003. We have multiplealuminum tape sliting production ines and can slit aluminum strips acording to the width reuired by users. for surface requirements taer products can be filmed during thesliting proes to awoid scraiches, The culing accuray ofthe aluminum stnip can be coniroled within 0.05mm, and the iner and outer diameters can be procesed according touser reguirerments. 1060 cabe aluminum strip is a hioh-purity aluminum aloy with an aluminum content of 99.6%, with high tensie strength, low densily,good plasticit, hiohcorrsion resistance, wer resistance.and impact resistance, 060 cable alumum taps siins have complete speciicalions and competive nrices Welcome to consut

Specification of 1060-O cable aluminum tape strip
◆Product: 1060 aluminum cable tape strip

◆Tempers: 0/H0. H14.H24



◆Conductivity: 1060-0>61.5% 1ACS


◆Max.20’Cresistance: <0.028250mm2/m

◆20’C density: 2.703 kg/m3

◆Coil lD:150mm,300mm,400mm.500mm

◆Surface treatment:smooth surface, no scratches and impurities
◆Protection: Paper Interleaved/film covered
◆Packing: eye to wall, eye to sky, wooden pallet

Advantages of 1060-0 cable aluminum tape strip
◆ Superior Electrical Conductivity: Aluminum strips possess remarkable electrical conductivity, effectively mitigating current leakage in cable lines and enhancing the transmission efficiency of these lines.

◆ Robust Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum tape exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, effectively safeguarding cable lines from corrosion and prolonging their service life.

◆ Outstanding Wear Resistance: Aluminum strips possess remarkable wear resistance, effectively guarding against wear and tear in cable lines, thereby extending their useful life.

◆ Exceptional Insulation Properties: Aluminum tape boasts superior insulation capabilities, effectively mitigating electromagnetic interference in cable lines and further enhancing their transmission efficiency.