3003 aluminum sheet coil for honeycomb pannels

2024-02-23 13:54:17

Aluminum honeycomb panels are widely embraced as an environmentally friendly option for decoration. This innovative composite material comprises upper and lower layers of aluminum panels sandwiching a honeycomb core. Not only are these panels fireproof and corrosion-resistant, but they also boast exceptional rigidity, flatness, and resistance to deformation. As such, they find extensive applications in civil construction, as well as in vehicle and ship decoration. With its outstanding performance, 3003 aluminum sheet stands out as an ideal material for manufacturing honeycomb panels.

1)3003 H18 aluminum coil used as aluminum honeycomb core
3003 H18 is an aluminum alloy in a hardened state, achieved through direct rolling without annealing. This state imparts strong hardness to the alloy, significantly surpassing that of 1 series aluminum alloys. Notably, 3003 H18 exhibits the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and no low-temperature brittleness, rendering it an ideal material for honeycomb cores. Commonly used thicknesses range from 0.02mm to 0.06mm. Additionally, 3003 H18 aluminum coil finds extensive use in aluminum-plastic panels within the construction sector.

2)3003 H24 aluminum sheet used as face-sheet of aluminum honeycomb panels
3003 H24 aluminum alloy is in an incomplete annealed state after rolling. In this state, the tensile strength of the aluminum sheet is significantly higher than that of the fully annealed state. It is a common base material for manufacturing the face-sheet of aluminum honeycomb panels. The commonly used thickness of the panel ranges from 0.8mm to 1.5mm, and it can be coated with fluorocarbon or light-resistant paint.

Specification of 3003 aluminum sheet coil for aluminum honeycomb panels



Alloy Type

sheet, coil, foil

Material Temper

O, H14, H24





Mechanical Properties of 3003 aluminum sheet coil for aluminum honeycomb panels


Tensile Strength Rm/Mpa

Yield strength Rp0.2/Mpa

Elongation %


3003 H18

≥190 MPa ≥170 1-2 60

3003 H24

145-195 ≥115 4-6 45

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