1070 aluminum sheet for cosmetic bottle caps

2023-06-30 17:09:18

The role of cosmetic bottle caps

As the seal of the bottle, the bottle cap is an important part of the container packaging. The basic function of the bottle cap is airtightness, which plays a role in protecting the contents. The airtightness of the bottle cap directly determines the packaging quality of the packaged product. In the field of cosmetic packaging, bottle caps also play an important role—aesthetics, and a good design of aluminum caps can improve the grade of cosmetics.

1070 aluminum sheet meets the material requirements for cosmetic bottle caps

At present, the competition in the domestic cosmetics industry is fierce. While paying attention to product quality, enterprises also attach great importance to the design of outer packaging. The emergence of various packaging forms better meet the individual needs of products. Aluminum alloy is the raw material for manufacturing high-end cosmetic bottle caps. Generally, 1070 aluminum sheet is used, which belongs to the pure aluminum series. It has good oxidation effect, bright surface and excellent stamping formability, and has been adopted by many enterprises.

Advantages of 1070 aluminum sheet for cosmetic bottle caps

In the field of cosmetics, aluminum caps are widely used. Compared with bottle caps made of other materials, aluminum caps have the following advantages:

  • Good sealing performance. Airtightness is the basic function of packaging products, and it can also be said to be a key role. Aluminum lids have strong airtightness, so they are widely used.
  • Beautiful appearance. Aluminum alloy materials for cosmetic bottle caps can achieve a mirror effect after stamping, mechanical grinding, electrolytic polishing and anodic oxidation coloring. They are rich in color, metallic and strong in stain resistance, and are welcomed by the market.

1070 aluminum sheet manufacturers

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