3003 aluminum alloy for EV battery cover

2023-07-03 16:23:16

Introduction of EV battery cover

The EV battery system is mainly composed of components such as battery modules, electrical systems, thermal management systems, housings, and covers. As a component of the battery module, the EV battery cover plays a key role in the stable operation and safety protection of the battery module.

EV battery is a necessary facility to enhance the safety of power lithium-ion batteries. The EV battery cover has the properties of high temperature resistance, high insulation, high sealing and excellent safety performance. There is an explosion-proof device on the cover. When the internal pressure of the cell is too high, the explosion-proof system will semi-automatically open and release the pressure to avoid explosion.

3003 aluminum coil for EV battery cover

As one of the core components of EV battery, the choice of battery cover material is very important.

Under the trend of lightweight automotive parts, aluminum alloys are more and more widely used in the field of new energy vehicles due to their excellent processability, corrosion resistance and recyclability. The EV battery cover plate is generally made of 3003 aluminum alloy, h14 state. The EV battery cover plate made of aluminum alloy can reduce internal resistance and effectively reduce overcurrent, which greatly improves the safety of the power battery.

At present, aluminum alloy has become the mainstream material for automobile lightweight. Although the cost is high, its excellent processability, corrosion resistance and recyclability make aluminum alloy materials more and more widely used in the automotive field.

Mingtai Aluminum, an aluminum manufacturer for EV batteries

Mingtai Aluminum attaches great importance to the application of products in the field of automotive lightweight and new energy. At present, the company’s battery shells, battery covers, battery trays, liquid cooling plates, battery packs and other new energy material products are being accelerated by mainstream manufacturers. , partial verification passed, good progress. In the future, with the guiding role of national policies and the technological progress of new energy, aluminum alloys will come back to usher in greater development opportunities!