3003 aluminum coil for aluminum alloy light box

2023-11-10 13:52:31

Nowadays, advertising light boxes can be seen everywhere. Various light boxes can be seen on both sides of the road, at stations, airports, large shopping malls, etc. They are mainly used for route instructions, advertising signs, signal signs, and decoration lighting.

The outer frame of the light box is the support of the entire box. The material is generally aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic steel, etc. The surface is usually treated before use. The outer frame of the light box is required to have a certain degree of strength and be easy to process and form. Aluminum alloy light boxes can be made of 3003 aluminum coils, 5052 aluminum coils, etc.

3003 aluminum coil for aluminum alloy light box

3003 aluminum coil belongs to the aluminum-manganese alloy series, its strength is about 10% higher than that of 1100, and its formability, weldability and corrosion resistance are all good. It is used for processing parts and components that require good formability, high corrosion resistance and good weldability, or work that requires both these properties and higher strength than 1XXX series alloys.

The aluminum alloy uses 3003 aluminum alloy coils, which has the following advantages:

  1. Light weight and easy to install.
  2. Corrosion-resistant and long service life.
  3. Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

3003 aluminum coil manufacturer

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