1060 aluminum coil h24/h26 for aluminum cans

2023-11-13 14:40:02

Metal materials are very popular in the packaging field. Commonly used materials include tinplate, galvanized sheets, chrome-plated sheets, aluminum alloys, etc. As people increasingly emphasize the environmental protection of packaging materials, aluminum alloys have been widely used due to their own advantages. They can be used to make round, square, and special-shaped aluminum cans and boxes, which play an important role in people’s production and life.

1060 aluminum coil h24/h26 coil for aluminum cans

Making aluminum boxes requires selecting appropriate materials and processes, which can improve production efficiency and quality. As a commonly used aluminum material, 1060 aluminum coil has excellent plasticity and corrosion resistance, and is the preferred material for making aluminum boxes with aluminum lids. Its main features include::

High plasticity: 1060 aluminum coil has good plasticity and is easy to be processed into aluminum lid boxes of various shapes and sizes.

Corrosion resistance: 1060 aluminum coils easily form a dense oxide film in the air, which can effectively prevent corrosion. Therefore, the aluminum lidded aluminum box made is durable.

Light weight: The weight of 1060 aluminum coil is relatively light, and the aluminum cover box made of it is easy to carry and use.

Beautiful: The surface of the 1060 aluminum coil is flat and smooth, and the aluminum lid box made of it has a beautiful and generous appearance.

There are currently a variety of aluminum boxes on the market used for sealed packaging of dry products such as tea and coffee. Because aluminum has the properties of being rust-free and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, some aluminum boxes are used to hold soap and other daily chemicals. They can also be used for cosmetics to directly hold cream and soft products, and can even be in direct contact with liquids, acids and alkalis. non-toxic items without causing rust, which tinplate cans do not have. Therefore, in some special packaging applications, ordinary aluminum cans have the potential to fill in areas that are difficult to enter with tinplate cans.

Mingtai Aluminum produces 1060 aluminum sheets and strips for aluminum boxes. As a professional aluminum manufacturer, the company has won a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets with its advanced production technology and excellent product quality. The company pays attention to product quality and uses high-quality raw materials. During the production process, with the help of advanced equipment and production technology, the dimensional accuracy and performance of the products meet higher requirements. In addition, the company also conducts strict quality inspections to ensure that each batch of products meets relevant standards and customer requirements.

In future development, Mingtai Aluminum will continue to adhere to the core corporate philosophy of innovation, quality and service, and is committed to providing global customers with better and more environmentally friendly aluminum product solutions.