3004 aluminum sheet for inverter shell

2023-07-24 14:59:13

Manufacturer of 3004 aluminum sheet for inverter shell

Interpretation of photovoltaic inverter: Inverter, also known as power regulator, is a power adjustment device composed of semiconductor devices. It is mainly used to convert DC power into AC power.

The efficiency of photovoltaic power generation is getting higher and higher, and the volume of photovoltaic inverters is also getting smaller and smaller, and the smaller the volume, the higher the requirements for aluminum electronic radiators. In the early stage of design, it is necessary to consider the cooling effect, protection, reliability, easy installation, and easy maintenance. Aluminum for power photovoltaic inverters_Inverter shells use 3004 aluminum sheets, which have excellent performance and favorable prices.

Specification information of aluminum materials for power photovoltaic inverters

Product Name: Inverter Housing

Commonly used alloy grades: 1060, 1070, 5052 (O temper)

Our new product: 3004-O aluminum alloy deep drawing products

Drawing depth: 100-220mm

Main supplier: Mingtai Aluminum

Advantages of aluminum products for power photovoltaic inverters

  • Tensile strength


Since the hardness of 3004 alloy is higher than that of 1070 in the same state, it can replace the first series and reduce the thickness of the shell, thereby reducing product procurement costs;

The 3004 alloy can also replace the 5052 alloy under the condition of the same or similar performance, which has the advantage of price and delivery cycle in special period (the normal delivery cycle is 30 days).

  • The texture of 3004 alloy is fine and easy to make stamping products, and 3004 alloy is an anti-rust aluminum product with good oxidation resistance.

Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer for Inverter Radiator_Mingtai Aluminum

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