Professional supply of 1060 aluminum sheet for aluminum box h24/h26 temper

2023-07-25 17:05:29

Aluminum alloy is used in aluminum packaging for aluminum box

Metal packaging is very common in daily life. Packaging materials mainly include tinplate, galvanized sheet, chrome-plated plate and aluminum. Due to the good recyclability of aluminum, it is becoming more and more popular as a packaging material.

Aluminum alloy can be made into packaging boxes and cans of various shapes. Generally, 1060 aluminum sheet strips are used, which have good ductility, strong plasticity, are not easy to rust, wear and tear, and have no peculiar smell. They are commonly used raw materials for aluminum boxes. Moreover, the aluminum material is light in weight, and a layer of aluminum oxide film can be naturally formed on the surface, so the corrosion resistance is relatively good.

1060 aluminum sheet for aluminum box

Aluminum box raw material specifications

Alloy grade: 1060

Alloy state: H24, H26

Thickness range: 0.2- 0.5mm

Width range: 100-2650mm

Performance characteristics: easy to stretch, stable performance, smooth and delicate surface, tensile strength greater than 95

Aluminum boxes are popular in the market, what are the advantages?

Due to the low density of aluminum alloys, the main advantage of aluminum boxes with aluminum lids is light weight. The weight of the same volume of aluminum is only about one-third of that of tinplate, which brings certain convenience to logistics transportation and handling. Secondly, aluminum is not easy to rust and has good acid and alkali resistance. Aluminum boxes are often used to hold daily chemicals such as soap, which can directly contact liquids and will not rust or corrode. In addition, aluminum has high environmental protection and high recyclable value, which has attracted the attention of more and more users.

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