5052 aluminum plate for EV compartment

2023-11-22 16:14:54

EV compartment can use 5052 aluminum plate

At present, EVs are very popular. In addition to small EVs, electric box-type vehicles are also increasingly used, mainly in the logistics and transportation industry, cold chain transportation, etc. EVs use lithium batteries as their power source. The weight of the vehicle body has a greater impact on the cruising range. Lightweight car compartments can be made of aluminum alloy materials, mainly including 5052 aluminum plates.

Aluminum alloy has many excellent properties, such as low relative density, high strength, good ductility, excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high electrical conductivity, high heat transfer, easy coloring, excellent processability, and High recyclability, etc. These characteristics can well meet the requirements of new energy vehicles, so they are favored by automobile manufacturers.

5052 aluminum plates for EV compartments have the following advantages:

  1. Aluminum alloy is lightweight and high-strength, which can reduce the weight of the carriage to transport more goods.
  2. Aluminum alloy has excellent anti-corrosion properties, weather resistance and long service life.
  3. Aluminum alloy has excellent processability and high plasticity.

The EV compartment is made of 5052 wide-width aluminum plates and uses precision sheet metal technology. This can improve the safety of the entire vehicle, making it less afraid of bumps, corrosion-resistant, and long in service life.

Mingtai Aluminum produces 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plates for carriages. The width reaches 2600mm. The surface is smooth and clean, without peeling, bubbles, surface roughness and local mechanical damage. There are no cracks, corrosion spots and traces of nitrate salt. Moreover, the performance is stable and reliable, and the later use effect is good.

Mingtai Aluminum is an aluminum plate manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength and a long history of development. The company has multiple advanced production lines and R&D laboratories, and can independently develop new products. If you need to customize the 5052 aluminum plate base material for the carriage, you can click on the right for online consultation. Mingtai will provide you with high-quality products and reasonable product quotations.