5454 aluminum sheet for tank truck

2023-11-20 13:53:39

Aluminum sheet manufacturers introduce the mechanical properties of 5454 aluminum sheet

5454 aluminum sheet is an Al-Mg alloy with good anti-rust effect. Its strength is very high, about 20% higher than 5052 aluminum sheet. It can adapt to harsh environments and has excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, 5454 aluminum sheet also has good plasticity and formability, and is mostly used in fields such as welded structures, pressure vessels, ship and marine facility pipelines, and tank truck barrels.

The 5454 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai Aluminum has excellent mechanical properties

5454 aluminum sheet is one of the advantageous products of Mingtai Aluminum. Its production process is mature and the technology is advanced. The 5454 aluminum alloy produced has less hard and brittle compounds and is not prone to processing cracks. It has strong plasticity, low welding twill tendency and good welding performance. Good; good corrosion resistance and high tensile strength.

Mingtai Aluminum can produce 5454 aluminum sheets of all temperaments, which are widely used in ship structural parts, internal pressure vessels, pipes and other parts such as speedboats, yachts, fishing boats, and large cargo ships. At present, it has reached cooperative relationships with tank truck factories and shipyards in many places around the world.

Introduction to the strength of Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum has 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling production lines, 7 cold rolling mills, 10 foil rolling mills and other advanced production and processing equipment. The “1+1” production line put into operation provides a favorable foundation for the large-scale production of 5454 aluminum sheet and ensures the excellent mechanical properties of 5454 aluminum sheet. Mingtai Aluminum can undertake orders of 8-2000 tons, with delivery within 7-35 days, with complete specifications and reasonable prices.