5052 aluminum sheet for automobile

2023-06-19 17:24:11

5052 aluminum sheet for aluminum auto parts

There are many auto parts, and the aluminum alloy plates used for different aluminum auto parts are also different. Among them, 5052 aluminum plate is used for lightweight products of automobile chassis. For example, car wheels, new energy car battery bottom plates, etc., the commonly used thickness is 0.30-600mm, and the width is 150-2600mm.

Aluminum auto parts widely used in automobiles at present:

  • All-aluminum engine, suitable for many models.
  • All aluminum body. The more common one is the Audi A8.
  • Wheels.
  • Other auto parts. Such as the horn and swing arm in the suspension system.
  • Some related products. Such as roof, luggage rack, etc.

Advantages of Aluminum Alloys Used in Auto Parts

  1. The plasticity of aluminum alloy is excellent. The automotive industry has many different parts. However, the excellent plasticity of aluminum alloy enables it to be well made into various special-shaped parts. It is also very convenient to make without compromising performance.
  2. Aluminum auto parts have high strength. Moreover, the aluminum alloy will not rust, and it can also withstand high temperature and fire. Therefore, aluminum auto parts can function well in high-temperature environments when the car is running inside. Of course, it is not only suitable for the automotive industry, but the 5052 aluminum sheet for auto parts can also be used in many fields.

Factors affecting the price of 5052 aluminum sheets for automobiles

  1. Manufacturer. Different aluminum sheet manufacturers have different production methods, management models and sales forms, so the product quotations given will naturally be different.
  2. Quality. The price of 5052 aluminum for auto parts is closely related to the quality. In fact, the better the quality of the product, the higher the price. And stable performance, high use value.
  3. Model specification. The thickness specifications of 5052 aluminum automotive aluminum plates are different, and its parameter technology is also different, so the price is uneven.
  4. The price of aluminum ingot fluctuates. Aluminum ingot price + processing fee on the day of delivery.

5052 Automotive Aluminum Sheet Manufacturers

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