Aluminum sheet metal panels for car

2023-06-13 16:40:53

Aluminum sheet metal panels for car

Under the urgent situation that the world’s automobile industry is increasingly paying attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, the three points of energy conservation, environmental protection, and safety improvement have been pursued by the automobile industry. Because the aluminum sheet’s forming and production performance are very similar to those of steel, the use of aluminum alloys to replace steel materials is one of the main methods for automobile manufacturers in various countries to reduce the weight of their cars. Today, China Mingtai Aluminum will show you aluminum sheet metal panels for car.

Advantages of aluminum sheet metal panels for car

First of all, the aluminum alloy material is light in weight and high in strength, which has an obvious effect on reducing the weight of the car.

Secondly, it can improve the driving quality of the vehicle and improve the performance of the vehicle. For example, the front and rear suspension made of cast aluminum alloy can reduce the weight on the wheels, improve the flexibility of the wheels, and reduce the vibration amplitude.

Finally, the fuel economy of the vehicle can be improved.

Aluminum sheet metal panels for car 5182

5182 aluminum alloy is a 5000 series aluminum sheet non-heat treatment strengthening alloy, which has magnesium atom solid solution strengthening and grain refinement strengthening. After being placed at room temperature, it is prone to a situation when it is stretched, which causes the surface to wrinkle after stamping and affect the appearance. . Because 5182 is a non-heat-treated alloy, it has poor strength and will soften during baking. It is mostly used for automotive interior panels because of its good paintability and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum sheet metal panels for car

The four doors and two covers of the car, as well as the doors, front and rear covers of the car, can use 5182 aluminum sheets. Among them, the role of the car hood should not be underestimated. While the car hood reduces engine noise, it can also isolate the heat generated by the engine when it is working. Effectively protect the paint on the surface of the hood, prevent aging, and protect the engine and surrounding pipeline accessories. Under the hood, all important components of the car, including the engine, circuit, brake system and transmission system, are vital to the vehicle. If you want to fully prevent adverse factors such as impact, corrosion, rain, and electrical interference, you need to improve the strength and structure of the hood to fully protect the normal operation of the vehicle. The corrosion resistance of 5182 aluminum sheet can also help the car hood to play its role.

The development of aluminum sheet metal panels for car

On a global scale, some mainstream automobile brands have always been at the forefront of the application of aluminum alloy technology on the body. The bonnet, fenders, doors, rear cover and other important parts of the car are all made of aluminum alloy, and there is a trend of gradual increase. Other automobile manufacturers have also begun to use aluminum alloy panels and aluminum alloy skins. Looking to the future, the prospect of automotive aluminum is immeasurable.