5052 marine grade aluminum

2023-06-12 17:06:12

Turkish customer orders 5052 marine grade aluminum

Through online communication with the business manager, the Turkish customer recognized the development and innovation of our 5052 marine grade aluminum very much, and immediately signed an order contract for 30 tons of 5052 aluminum sheet.

Since May 21, 2021, customers have contacted our customer service staff through online online search, and established a good partnership with our factory through communication. The customer saw the real picture of our production line workshop, listened to the company’s product layout and development status in detail, and had an in-depth exchange with the person in charge of Mingtai on the characteristics of 5052 marine grade aluminum and the application of 5052 aluminum sheet.

5052 marine grade aluminum is widely used

In recent years, 5052 aluminum sheet has been widely used in my country, especially in marine grade aluminum. In addition, the 5052 alloy aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai Aluminum can also be used in computers, fuel tank materials, and automotive exterior parts. The processing technology of 5052 marine grade aluminum is very mature. Mingtai Aluminum can produce aluminum plate products with different requirements according to the different needs of customers.

5052 marine grade aluminum price per ton

Price is almost a problem that all customers pay more attention to before purchasing products. The direct influencing factors of 5052 price are the price of raw materials and processing fees, and the indirect factors include the strength of the manufacturer, technical level, sales mode and freight. aluminum sheet size..

Marine grade aluminum price per ton

Marine grade aluminum is not only 5052 alloys. Many different alloys of the 5000 series can be used as marine grade aluminum, and the prices are naturally different. In addition, the thickness, specifications, and performance requirements of each customer are different, and the processing costs of the manufacturers are inevitably different. Online consultation is available at any time. After understanding the specific needs, the customer service quickly arranges a professional business manager to communicate with you and provide product solutions and quotations.

Mingtai Aluminum, a marine grade aluminum manufacturer, the company produces 5052 aluminum sheet and 5083 aluminum plate, which are the source of raw materials for various shipyards at home and abroad, and can accept 3-2000 tons of aluminum sheet raw materials. The company strictly controls the production process, just to allow you to use better quality products.

5052 marine grade aluminum China Mingtai Al

In order to let customers know more about China Mingtai Al’s new products and huge market potential, the staff of China Mingtai Al specially arranged for customers to take videos of our company’s technology research and development center, explain the company’s current direction in depth, and introduce some domestic ships. Cases of cooperation between enterprises. Customers from Turkey said that they believe that Mingtai’s products are of excellent quality and will meet the various needs of their companies. And said that they will cooperate for a long time in the future. Customers hope that after using Mingtai’s high-quality products, they will also work hard to build a high-quality brand for themselves, and create a win-win situation for cooperation and create a better future.