40 tons of 8011-H18 Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil shipped to Pakistan

2023-07-17 16:38:52

8011-H18 Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil shipped to Pakistan

Among the commonly used 1/3/8-series aluminum foils, 8-series aluminum foils are alloys commonly used in food, pharmaceutical packaging, and electronic appliances, among which 8011 aluminum foils and 8021 aluminum foils are widely used.

Although 8011 aluminum foil has a stable production base, the production standard for its use as pharmaceutical foil is very high, and not all manufacturers can meet the requirements.

Recently, a customer from Pakistan purchased 40 tons of 8011-H18 Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil from Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry.

8011-H18 Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil

8011-H18 pharma foil is often used for sealing on the backside of plastic packaging materials. Aluminum foil after compounding, printing and gluing is widely used as packaging material. The surface is required to be clean, uniform in color, free of mottle, flat and free of pinholes. It has excellent moisture-proof performance, shading and extremely high barrier capacity, strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture and tear resistance. Non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic.

8021-O Cold Formed Aluminum Foil

8021-O’s cold-formed aluminum foil is used as airtight packaging after deep drawing and pressing. It has strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance. Excellent moisture resistance, light shading and extremely high barrier capacity. The surface is clean, uniform in color, no spots, no oil stains, flat and no pinholes. Bacteria, mold and other tests have been carried out, and heavy metals do not exceed 0.25ppm. Industry standards are strictly implemented to ensure safety and hygiene.

8011 aluminum foil manufacturers

Mingtai Aluminum’s 8011 aluminum foil meets the above requirements, and has high hardness and strong tension; it has good plasticity and is suitable for packaging in any shape; it has a good shading effect, can avoid sunlight and other light, and will not cause penetration under high temperature and low temperature.

Mingtai’s 8011, 8021 and pharma foils are very popular in the market due to their superior performance. We provide customers with a comprehensive quality assurance system, from the aluminum ingots purchased as raw materials, to the checks in the production process, to the quality inspection before leaving the factory, to provide customers with 360-degree worry-free quality inspection packaging, so they can purchase with confidence.