5083 aluminum sheets for street light poles

2023-05-29 16:47:04

5083 aluminum sheets for street light poles

As people’s outdoor activities at night become more and more abundant, the requirements for lighting are also getting higher and higher. In recent years, my country’s urban lighting projects have developed rapidly, and various landscape lights have been widely used in urban lighting. Aluminum materials play an important role in this, the content of this article is about 5083 aluminum sheets for street light poles.

Common Light Pole Types

The shapes of landscape lights are diverse, and the materials of the light poles are divided into various types. The more commonly used ones are stainless steel light poles, iron light poles and aluminum alloy light poles. The surface of stainless steel light poles and iron light poles needs anti-corrosion treatment in order to achieve a longer service life. Aluminum alloy light poles generally use 5083 aluminum sheets. This alloy has high strength, good corrosion resistance, and can maintain a long service life without any surface treatment; it is light in weight, easy to construct, beautiful in appearance, and more upscale, so it is favored by customers.

Advantages of 5083 aluminum sheet used in street light poles

  • Good corrosion resistance, which ensures the corrosion resistance of the product in the natural environment.
  • Light in weight, the weight of the aluminum light pole is only 1/3 of that of the iron light pole, which is convenient for installation and transportation.
  • The surface of the aluminum light pole is smooth and delicate, which perfectly presents the metal color of aluminum alloy.

5083 aluminum sheet manufacturers

At present, with the gradual development of urban lighting projects, the requirements for lighting poles are getting higher and higher. The design of light poles should adhere to the principles of safety and reliability, advanced technology, economical rationality, energy saving, and convenient maintenance, and should also comply with current national and industry-related standards or specifications.

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