Foil for food container making

2023-05-29 15:57:55

Foil for food container making

As the country and society pay more attention to food safety and hygiene, people’s awareness of environmental protection and conservation is gradually increasing. As a green packaging material, aluminum foil food container is becoming a new choice for the catering industry and food packaging. Foil for food container making is also becoming more and more widespread.

Aluminum foil food container is a kind of tableware that is widely used. The thickness is generally between 0.03-0.20mm. It can be divided into two types: wrinkled and wrinkle-free. Aluminum foil food containers are light in weight, safe and hygienic, good in heat preservation and freshness, and can be heated directly, especially suitable for fast-paced life. Under the background of large population mobility and popular online shopping, aluminum foil food containers will usher in a larger market .

Which alloy to use for foil for food container making

Foil for food container making uses 3-series or 8-series aluminum foil, which is formed by one-time automatic cold stamping with special equipment and molds. 3004 container foil is a raw material with relatively high cost performance. It belongs to recycled aluminum products and can be reused indefinitely. The energy required for the regeneration process is only less than 5% of the energy required for primary aluminum production. platoon planning requirements.

3004 container foil is suitable for processing single-cavity aluminum foil lunch boxes. The downstream process has good formability. Compared with other brands of aluminum products, it has high strength and deformation resistance.

Mingtai Aluminum supplies 3004 container foil

Mingtai Aluminum has been supplying 3004 container foil for a long time. The product has the characteristics and advantages of safety and sanitation, green environmental protection, regeneration and energy saving, and good sealing, and is favored by the majority of users.

As a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum sheet, strip and foil in China, Mingtai actively responded to the national “double carbon” call, established a recycled aluminum project, and carried out carbon footprint certification to further reduce carbon emissions. At present, the company’s 3004 aluminum foil products have successfully obtained the SGS carbon footprint certification, which has taken a solid step in green low-carbon and sustainable development.