6061 Aluminum Plate – Ideal for Plug-In Radiators

2024-04-08 15:26:37

The plug-in radiator is a radiator molding process that inserts the heat dissipation fins into the base plate one by one, thereby conducting the heat on the base plate to the heat dissipation fins. This type of radiator has the characteristics of large heat dissipation area, good heat dissipation effect, light weight and easy installation. It is suitable for the heat dissipation needs of some smaller spaces, such as computers, TVs, etc.

With the continuous advancement of modern industrial technology, insert heat exchangers are increasingly used in various industrial fields. As one of its core materials, 6061 aluminum plate is gradually becoming the preferred material in the manufacturing of insert heat exchangers due to its excellent performance and wide range of applications.

6061 aluminum plate is a medium-strength heat-treatable alloy with good processing and welding properties. Its main component is aluminum, with small amounts of magnesium and silicon added, which makes it lightweight while still having high strength and corrosion resistance. In addition, 6061 aluminum plate also has good plasticity and processability, which can meet the complex processing requirements in the manufacturing process of plug-in heat exchangers.

In insert-type heat exchangers, 6061 aluminum plates are mainly used to manufacture the heat exchange fins of the heat exchanger. These heat exchange fins can effectively increase the heat exchange area and improve heat exchange efficiency through precise insert design. At the same time, the lightweight characteristics of 6061 aluminum plates also help to reduce the weight of the entire heat exchanger and reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the equipment.

In addition to performance advantages, the application of 6061 aluminum plate for radiators also shows broad market prospects. As global energy issues become increasingly prominent, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the focus of attention in all walks of life. As a highly efficient and energy-saving heat exchange equipment, the insert heat exchanger is receiving more and more attention and favor. As the core material of 6061 aluminum plate, its market demand is also growing.

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