Extra wide 1060H112 aluminum plate for pressure vessels

2024-04-10 14:12:29

Pressure vessels are sealed containers that can withstand gas or liquid pressure internally or externally and have high safety requirements. In today’s industrial field, pressure vessels are important equipment, and the choice of materials is crucial. Among many metal materials, ultra-wide 1060H112 aluminum plate has gradually become the preferred material for pressure vessels due to its unique and excellent properties.

The aluminum content of 1060 aluminum plate reaches 99.6%, and it is also called pure aluminum plate. It has high plasticity, ductility and processability, which makes it show great advantages in the manufacturing process of pressure vessels. First of all, 1060 aluminum plates have good plasticity and can withstand large deformations without breaking, which is crucial for manufacturing pressure vessels with complex shapes and high size requirements. Secondly, it has good ductility and can effectively absorb the stress generated by the pressure vessel during operation, thus extending the service life of the vessel. In addition, the machinability of 1060 aluminum plates makes them easy to perform operations such as cutting, bending and welding, greatly simplifying the manufacturing process of pressure vessels.

1060l aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance

In addition to the above excellent characteristics, 1060 aluminum plate also has outstanding corrosion resistance. In the working environment of pressure vessels, we often need to face various corrosive media, such as acids, alkalis, etc. 1060 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance in the natural environment. Even in harsh corrosive environments, its corrosion resistance can be significantly improved through surface treatment technology. This greatly extends the service life of the pressure vessel and reduces maintenance costs.

The excellent characteristics of 1060 aluminum plate make it an ideal material for pressure vessels. Its plasticity, ductility and workability make the manufacturing of pressure vessels easier; its corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity greatly improve the service life and stability of pressure vessels. With the continuous advancement of industrial technology, 1060 aluminum plates will be more widely used in the field of pressure vessel manufacturing.

Mingtai Aluminum can produce ultra-wide 1060H112 aluminum plates

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