8011 aluminum alloy for deep drawing bottle caps

2024-02-26 09:38:23

Aluminum bottle caps are a ubiquitous feature of everyday life, primarily utilized for sealing beverages, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceutical bottles. Renowned for their superior sealing capabilities and high safety standards, aluminum closures typically employ 1, 3, and 8 series aluminum plates/foils. Given that aluminum caps are predominantly processed on highly automated production lines, the raw material’s performance requirements are correspondingly stringent.

8011 aluminium closure sheet foil, enriched with iron and silicon elements, outperforms pure aluminum foil. It is primarily used in the production of wine lids, juice lids, easy-open lids, oral liquids, tea lids, milk powder lids, and other similar products. The commonly used tempers for 8011 aluminum sheet foil for bottle caps are H14/H16/H18, with a thickness range of 0.15-0.27mm and a width range of 200-1000mm. The thickness tolerance is ±0.005mm, and the width tolerance is ±1mm.

MingtaiAluminum’s 8011 aluminum closure sheet foil boasts several advantages, including non-toxicity, tastelessness, safety, and hygiene. It exhibits excellent moisture-proof performance, clean oil removal, minimal holes, good product shape, superior deep drawing performance, and a low ear-making rate.

8011 aluminium closure sheet foil

8011 Aluminum Closure Material: Cast-Rolled and Hot-Rolled Varieties
8011-H18 aluminum sheet foil is primarily used for stamping shallow caps, and it can also be utilized in casting and rolling processes. The production process of 8011-H18 aluminum closure sheet foil typically involves cold rolling, foil rolling, stretch bending and straightening, slitting, and packaging. Notably, this process does not require annealing, resulting in a shorter production cycle and a more cost-effective price.

8011-H16 aluminum sheet foil for bottle caps is a sought-after material for hot-rolled aluminum anti-theft caps. It boasts a tensile strength of 150~165Mpa and an elongation of >2%. The plate surface is smooth, free of obvious roll marks, black lines, oil spots, dust inclusions, scratches, bright strips, and other defects. The ear making rate is controlled within 3%.

The production processes of 8011-H16 aluminum sheet foil for medical bottle caps and wine caps differ slightly. Due to the higher stretching requirements of wine caps compared to pharmaceutical caps, there are variations in the annealing process.

Specification of 8011 aluminum alloy for deep drawing bottle caps
◆Alloy: 8011 Aluminum sheet foil for bottle caps
◆Thickness:0.15mm – 0.50mm
◆Width:100mm – 1700mm
◆Application: Aluminum liquor lids, red wine lids, anti-theft wine lids, oral liquid lids, twist-off bottle caps, etc.

8011 Aluminum Closure Sheet Coil
Advantages of 8011 aluminum alloy for deep drawing bottle caps
1. Excellent Formability: 8011 aluminum alloy exhibits exceptional formability, making it suitable for deep drawing processes used in bottle cap production.
2. High Purity: The high purity of 8011 aluminum alloy ensures that the final product meets stringent quality standards, particularly in the food and beverage industry.
3. Corrosion Resistance: 8011 aluminum alloy is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the bottle caps.
4. Lightweight: The lightweight nature of 8011 aluminum alloy contributes to the overall weight reduction of the bottle caps, making them easier to handle and transport.
5. Recyclability: 8011 aluminum alloy is fully recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for bottle cap production.
6. Cost-Effectiveness: 8011 aluminum alloy offers a cost-effective solution for bottle cap production, providing a balance between performance and affordability.
7. Versatility: 8011 aluminum alloy can be easily customized to meet specific design requirements, allowing for a wide range of bottle cap designs and sizes.