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2024-04-12 14:08:38

Aluminum alloy for Automotive parts

As a typical lightweight metal, aluminum alloy is widely used in automobiles. Automotive parts mainly include pistons, cylinder heads, clutch cases, oil pans, bumpers, heat exchangers, brackets, wheels, body panels and decorative parts. Represented by 5 series aluminum alloy and 6 series aluminum alloy, typical products are 5052 aluminum coil and 6061 aluminum coil.

Some data show that replacing traditional steel structures with aluminum alloy structures can reduce the weight of automobiles by 30% to 40%, manufacturing engines by 30%, and manufacturing wheels by 50%.

The use of aluminum alloy is one of the important ways for automobiles to be lightweight, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, faster and more efficient in transportation. The main advantages of aluminum alloy are light weight and good heat dissipation.

Application advantages of Aluminum Strip for Automotive part

Mingtai Aluminum will introduce to you in detail the application advantages of aluminum strips in automotive stamping parts.

  1. Obvious weight loss effect

The main way to reduce the weight of automobiles is to make automobile materials lightweight. Among the few lightweight automotive materials, aluminum has become the most commonly used lightweight metal material in the automotive manufacturing industry due to its unique performance advantages. Aluminum alloy materials have the above-mentioned characteristics and are recyclable materials. Therefore, they are one of the most ideal materials for lightweight vehicles.

  1. High recycling rate

When the entire vehicle is scrapped, the vehicle accessories can be recycled and reused. Currently, the recovery rate is no less than 90%.

  1. Considerable energy saving effect

Compared with the steel structure of the same model, the weight is reduced by 30% to 40% and the energy consumption is halved. With the same volume of fuel, aluminum alloy cars can travel farther than ordinary steel cars, improving fuel efficiency. In addition, weight reduction also increases the load capacity of the car, which can increase the transportation efficiency of the car and reduce transportation costs.

Development prospects of Aluminum Strip for Automotive part

From the perspective of comprehensive performance such as high speed, comfort, beauty, durability, lightweight, energy saving, environmental protection, and reduction of overall costs, aluminum alloy is undoubtedly the material of choice for modernization and lightweighting of the automotive industry. Many countries in the world are committed to automotive use. Research on aluminum alloys. Future cars are pollution-free vehicles that use batteries instead of engines. Lightweighting has become the most critical issue. All-aluminum frame-type integrated body cars will become the development direction of future cars.