Flat Sheet Grade 5005 14 tons loading and delivery

2023-03-29 16:21:48

Alloy: 5005

Size: 3/5mm* 1500×3000 ; 3/5mm*1200×2400  13/12/ 16/20/ 25mm*1200×2400.

Application: decorative anodizing

Flat Sheet Grade 5005 Requirements Information

I am looking for a supplier of 3mm and 5mm sheet in alloy 5005. preffered sheet size is 1500×3000. 5005 / H34. Flat Sheet Grade 5005 3/5mm–1500×3000 3/5mm–1200×2400 Plate Grade 5013/12/ 16/20/ 25mm–1200×2400. Preferably packed on pallets of approximately 1 ton each. Please work on orders of ten ton of each size.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Sheet Grade 5005

What are the characteristics of 5005 aluminum alloy?

5005 aluminum alloy contains nominally 0.8% magnesium. Medium strength, good corrosion resistance in marine atmosphere. It also has low density and excellent thermal conductivity common to all aluminum alloys. It usually exists in the form of sheets and plates.

Can 5005 aluminum be welded?

5005 aluminum alloy is a medium strength alloy with good atmospheric corrosion resistance and good weldability, very suitable for decorative anodizing.

Is 5005 aluminum marine grade?

5005 A medium strength aluminum-magnesium alloy. Not susceptible to stress corrosion, fine-grained for stamping. Suitable for anodizing. Typical applications include appliances and appliances, general sheet metal working and marine applications.

Prices for Flat Sheet Grade 5005

Aluminum alloy is lightweight, durable, economical, and environmentally friendly. In recent years, the demand for aluminum alloys in various industries has gradually increased. For example, the construction industry pursues economy and environmental protection. 5005 aluminum can be used for building curtain walls and aluminum-plastic panels. It has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and is very popular among users. Another example is the automobile manufacturing industry. Following the trend of lightweight development, many parts are seeking to be replaced by lightweight materials. 5005 aluminum sheets can be used for automobile inspection fixtures, fixtures, and interior decoration.

5005 aluminum sheets come in different tempers and specifications, and prices vary according to demand. Contact us directly for pricing.