Vietnam Aluminum Sheet A5052 H32 Procurement Guidelines

2023-05-16 11:35:13

Aluminum sheet A5052 H32 demand information

Please quote me aluminum sheet price A5052 H32 thickness range 1.0 mm~6.0mm: thickness range 8.0 mm~60mm: width1500mm.

In the end, this customer who from Vietnam purchased 48 tons of A5052 H32 aluminum sheet from our company.

Aluminum sheet A5052 H32 information

The A5052 alloy contains magnesium as its primary alloying element, along with smaller amounts of chromium, iron, and silicon. The “H32” designation refers to the temper of the material, indicating that it has been strain-hardened and stabilized to achieve a specific level of hardness and strength.

In terms of its physical properties, aluminum sheet A5052 H32 has a density of 2.68 g/cm³, a melting point of 655°C, and a thermal conductivity of 138 W/m·K. It has a tensile strength of 210 MPa, a yield strength of 160 MPa, and an elongation of 12% to 20% depending on the thickness.

Can I use aluminum sheet A5052 H32 for my project

A5052 H32 aluminum sheet is a versatile alloy that can be used in a wide range of applications where strength, corrosion resistance, and formability are required.

Some of the common applications include:

Marine applications: Used in the construction of boat hulls, decks, and other marine components.

Architectural applications: Such as roofing, cladding, and facades.

Automotive applications: Used in the manufacturing of automotive parts, including body panels, wheels, and suspension components.

Electronics applications: Used in the manufacturing of electronic casings, such as laptop shells and mobile phone cases.

Industrial applications: Used in various industrial applications, such as tanks, pipes, and pressure vessels.

Aluminum sheet A5052 H32 procurement guid

To purchase aluminum sheet A5052 H32, you should look for a reputable manufacturer or supplier that specializes in the production and distribution of aluminum alloys. Here are some tips to help you find the right manufacturer:

Look for a manufacturer with experience: Choose a manufacturer that has a proven track record in producing and supplying high-quality aluminum alloys. Mingtai Aluminum has 25 years of 5052 aluminum production experience

Check their certifications: Make sure the manufacturer is certified to the appropriate industry standards.Our products meet industry standards

Consider their capabilities: Check if the manufacturer has the capabilities to produce and supply the aluminum sheet A5052 H32 in the size and quantity you require. Yes, Mingtai provide cut to size service.

In addition, we have strict quality control measures in place to ensure the quality of their products;Technical support is also avaliable; Mingtai is a manufacturer with good customer service that is responsive to your inquiries and provides timely delivery.