Pharmaceutical packaging with 8079 aluminum foil manufacturers offer

2023-07-05 17:47:13

Aluminum foil material for pharmaceutical packaging

Aluminum foil is safe and hygienic, and has good sealing effect. It has been widely used in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. Ordinary medicines such as pills and capsules can be packaged with aluminum foil. 8079 aluminum foil is a commonly used aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging. It has high strength, good elongation and compressibility. It is often used in the packaging of high-end pharmaceuticals, such as tropical blister aluminum foil packaging, etc. Its performance advantages can be seen.

Specifications of tropical blister aluminum foil 8079:

Material temper: O, H22, H24

Processing width: 0.016-0.2mm

Processing length: 100-1600mm

8079 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging

What are the reasons why 8079 aluminum foil becomes a high-grade pharmaceutical packaging material?

  1. 8079 aluminum foil has high moisture resistance, gas barrier and taste retention, which can effectively protect the efficacy of medicine;
  2. Good airtightness, good shading and high elongation;
  3. 8079 medicinal aluminum foil has been tested by bacteria and mold, and the material is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic;
  4. The shape is stable at high and low temperatures, and it does not expand or shrink when the temperature is -73~371°C.

Mingtai Aluminum 8079 Aluminum Foil Wholesale Price

8079 aluminum foil is usually used for blister aluminum and tropical aluminum that require higher sealing and elongation, and its price is higher than that of ordinary pharmaceutical aluminum foil. The quotation of aluminum foil products is composed of aluminum ingot price and processing fee, and the specific price should be calculated according to the specification thickness, state and demand of the product. Usually, large-scale manufacturers produce on a large scale, with guaranteed quality and delivery time, and more reasonable prices.

8079 aluminum foil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum sheet, strip and foil in China. It has more than 20 years of processing experience. Now it has become a large-scale enterprise of aluminum sheet, strip and foil in China, and one of the top 500 private enterprises in China’s manufacturing industry. Mingtai 8079 pharmaceutical aluminum foil can be customized according to user needs, and A4 size samples are provided free of charge. Welcome to consult online or visit the factory.