6063 aluminum alloy for 5G base station radiator

2023-07-05 16:36:31

5G base stations are widely used

With the development of the economy, 5G base stations are more and more widely used. 5G base stations provide wireless coverage. Compared with 4G, the network speed is faster, the delay is lower, and the reliability is higher. At the same time, the high data transmission rate means that The greater power of 5G base stations, the exponential increase in heat generation, and the difficulty of temperature control that has risen sharply. 5G base stations must not only adapt to extreme climates around the world, but also maintain a normal operating temperature of -40°C to 55°C, which poses new challenges to the structural design of base station heat dissipation, new materials and new processes.

Aluminum alloy material for 5G base station radiator

The aluminum alloy radiator is favored by major manufacturers due to its beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, and good energy-saving effect. The raw material is mainly 6063 aluminum alloy, and the surface of the processed radiator is anodized to increase the aluminum Excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and beautiful appearance, the application of aluminum alloy radiator will help to improve its heat dissipation efficiency.

6063 aluminum alloy for 5G base station radiator

6063 aluminum sheet belongs to the Al-Mg-Si alloy, which is a representative alloy for extrusion. It is also widely used in the rolling process, and is widely used in molds, radiators, electronic stamping parts, automotive parts, oxide materials, etc.

Introduction to the performance characteristics of 6063 aluminum sheet for radiator

  1. It can be strengthened by heat treatment, with high impact toughness and insensitive to notch.
  2. High plasticity and excellent formability.
  3. Excellent welding performance and corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency.
  4. After processing, the surface is smooth and easy to anodize and color.

Introduction to the chemical composition of 6063 aluminum sheet

Aluminum Al: Balance Silicon Si: 0.20~0.60 Copper Cu: 0.10 Magnesium Mg: 0.45~0.9 Zinc Zn: 0.10 Manganese Mn: 0.10 Titanium Ti: 0.10 Chromium Cr: 0.10 Iron Fe: 0.35 Single: 0.05 Total: 0.15

6063 aluminum alloy sheet manufacturer

With the accelerated landing of 5G base stations, the demand for cooling structural parts has surged, bringing new challenges and opportunities to upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. With its excellent characteristics, the aluminum alloy radiator will usher in a greater room for development.

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