Aluminum sign sheet manufacturer

2023-07-03 17:26:07

Aluminum sign sheet

Aluminum sign refers to the sign and nameplate products made from aluminum sheet as raw materials, and has the functions of guidance, instruction, warning, information transmission and brand promotion. For example, our common highway hanging aluminum metal, street signs boards, engineering construction warning signs, enterprise nameplates, etc. are made with Aluminum sign sheet. Among them, the 1 series or 3 series aluminum sheets represented by 1060 aluminum sheet or 3004-O aluminum sheet are commonly used in traffic sign facilities, and the thickness is 1.0-3.0 mm. In addition, 5052 h38 aluminum sheet and other 5 series aluminum alloys are also well used in highway signs. Since more than half a century, aluminum signs made from Aluminum sign sheet have accounted for more than 90% of metal signs, and have been enduring!

Advantages of aluminum used in sign sheet

  1. Extremely Decorative. Most notably, Aluminum sign sheetrepresented by 3004 aluminum sheet are the most decorative and expressive. Many surface decoration processes can be applied and played on aluminum sheet materials, which is convenient for obtaining colorful and various advanced decorative layer.
  2. Small Specific Gravity. The density of Al is 2.702kg / m³, which is 1/3 of Cu. So, the installation of Aluminum sign will not increase the overall weight of the device, meanwhile has a high economic efficiency.
  3. Excellent Processing Ductility. 1060 aluminum sheet, 3004-O aluminum sheet, 5052 h38 Aluminum sign sheetall have high ductility, workability, easy to cut, and easy to stamp forming, which can meet the needs of special signs.
  4. Excellent Corrosion and Weather Resistance. Under natural conditions, Aluminum sign sheetcan produce a strong and dense oxide film on the surface, and many substances will not corrode it. Therefore, it have excellent durability in harsh environments such as industrial areas and coastal areas.
  5. No Magnetism. Besides, aluminum is a non-magnetic body, and aluminum signs won’t cause external interference to equipment.

Specific Application of alloy aluminum sign sheet

  1. Performance requirements of aluminum sign. For general etched aluminum signs, the common industrial pure aluminum plate represented by 1060 aluminum sheet is mostly selected. Secondly, if you are making oxidation signs, especially oxidation dyeing signs, need to choose 3004 aluminum sheet with higher performance requirements, otherwise it will affect the porosity of the oxide film and the adsorption performance and hardness level of the film layer.
  2. Application environment of aluminum sign. For road signs with high technical level, 3003 alloy aluminum sheet is a good choice. For large aluminum signs or sign boards in windy coastal areas, such as 3004、3104 、5052 Aluminum sheet is better. According to needs, our common street signs boards are generally 2.00mm thick, thin is 1.00mm. In general, the choice of alloy aluminum sheets for traffic sign, according to the road traffic design specifications, it is sufficient to reach the standard.

Technical parameters of aluminum alloy sign sheet

Alloy Series

Typical Alloy





1 series






3 series





5 series