5052 aluminum sheet for car pedal

2023-07-04 17:00:25

About car pedals

Car pedals are commonly found in SUV and MPV models. They are an auto accessory used to decorate the threshold of a car, protect and beautify the car body, and belong to one of the car modification products. For medium and large SUVs, it is still necessary to install car pedals, which can facilitate passengers to get on and off the car.

5052 aluminum sheet for car pedal

In the market, the more common ones are plastic pedals and aluminum alloy pedals. The aluminum alloy pedal is mainly made of 5052 aluminum sheet. Its advantage is that it is strong and durable, can bear the weight and strength of most people, and the overall weight is light, with good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, which can ensure a long service life.

As a commonly used aluminum alloy for automobiles, 5052 aluminum sheet has excellent comprehensive properties and is the preferred material for automobile manufacturing and parts processing. 5052 aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is a relatively commonly used aluminum alloy material. It is very popular in the automotive industry, and it is widely used in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It is mainly used for automobile fuel tank, engine outer panel, bus trunk board, anti-skid decorative board for bus, automobile heat shield, automobile brake baffle, automobile pedal, etc.

Product name

Alloy temper

Thickness range(mm)

Width range(mm)

Length range(mm)

Market applications

5052 aluminum sheet strip

0, H24, H32, H38, H112, etc.



according to customer requirements

Chassis cabinets, fuel tank materials, oxidized material door panels, engraving panels, fan blades, automobile skins, silos, chemical storage tanks


5052 aluminum sheet manufacturers for car pedals

Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of aluminum sheet, strip and foil. Our factory has rich experience and technical advantages in the production of 5052 aluminum sheet. The company strictly selects raw materials and strictly controls every production link in the production process to ensure that the surface quality of 5052 aluminum sheet is excellent. , Flat shape, stable and reliable product performance.

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