Zhengzhou Mingtai Transportation New Material Co., Ltd was selected into the national “Green Factory” list

2023-07-04 16:02:46

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2022 Green Manufacturing List. Zhengzhou Mingtai Transportation New Material Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Henan Mingtai AL.Industrial Co., Ltd (referred to as Mingtai Aluminum Stock Code: 601677), Successfully selected. This is after Mingtai Aluminum was selected into the second batch of green manufacturing list, and the subsidiary was recognized as a national green factory.

As a pioneer of green manufacturing, Mingtai Aluminum has a deep understanding of the importance of comprehensively improving the level of green manufacturing. Through the creation of green factories, the concept of green development runs through the whole process of daily production. Promote the application of advanced energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies, carry out clean production, reduce total energy consumption, optimize energy utilization structure, and invest in photovoltaic power generation projects. Especially in the current process of promoting the realization of the goal of “double carbon” and high-quality development, it takes the lead in developing the comprehensive utilization of recycled aluminum resources, and comprehensively builds a new aluminum industry cycle ecosystem with “Mingtai characteristics”, injecting green into the high-quality development of enterprises kinetic energy.

The company takes the selection of new transportation materials as a national green factory as a starting point, and further focuses on green manufacturing

Create innovation, promote the continuous strengthening and upgrading of the new system of green industry transformation, and contribute Mingtai’s strength to the green and sustainable development of China’s aluminum processing industry!