Mingtai Aluminum Industry submits the report card for the first half of 2023

2023-08-30 09:15:20

In the first half of 2023, Mingtai Aluminum Industry focus on green development, market expansion, project construction, system certification, intelligent manufacturing, etc., strive to seize opportunities, expand the market, and win the initiative, and continue to promote project construction, comprehensive application of renewable resources, product structure upgrades, etc. . In the first half of the year, the operating income was 12.6 billion yuan, the operating profit was 912 million yuan, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 803 million yuan.

  1. Green cycle, low-carbon development

The company adheres to the path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and is committed to the application and research of aluminum resource recycling. In the first half of the year, the company steadily promoted the release of Yirui New Material’s annual output of 360,000 tons of recycled aluminum project capacity, promoted the continuous increase in the scale and use ratio of recycled aluminum, and realized the recycling and sustainable utilization of leftover materials generated in the production process and waste aluminum materials recycled by society.

The aluminum ash slag treatment project is running stably. The company’s aluminum slag conversion salt slag green ecological resource utilization production line can convert aluminum ash slag into metal aluminum, combustible gas, ammonia water, compound salt and inert alumina, and realize the aluminum slag produced in the production process. Harmless, high-value, and ecological recycling of resources such as , aluminum chips, etc.

  1. Accelerated construction and scale expansion

In the first half of the year, the company continued to promote the construction tasks of key projects. Yirui New Material’s annual output of 700,000 tons of green new aluminum alloy project is the key to the company’s high-quality development. After the melting and casting production line and 1+4 hot rough rolling were put into production, all members of the finishing rolling project worked at full capacity and overtime was completed. 75% of the workload, overfulfilling the task of the scheduled construction period, striving to reach production as soon as possible, helping the company’s production and sales to reach 2 million tons/year as soon as possible, and to move to a higher level.

  1. Reform and innovation Standard formulation

The company focuses on research and development, and focuses on the research and development of new products and the optimization and upgrading of old products. During the reporting period, the research and development investment was 643 million yuan, 57 patents were accepted, and 97 patents were authorized. The company formulated the “Group Standard for Recycled Aluminum Alloy Container Foil” and “Group Standard for Secondary Aluminum Ash Wet Recovery Treatment System”, participated in the preparation of the industry standard “Scanning Electron Microscope Method for Deformed Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Microstructure Inspection Method”, and completed the automobile industry system , Aerospace system, GJB quality management system, “quality + environment + occupation” three systems, classification society and more than ten kinds of system recertification.

  1. Structural improvement, high-end transformation

In the face of changes in market demand, the company flexibly adjusts its product structure, continuously increases the proportion of high value-added products, and increases the development and sales of new energy, aluminum for new materials, aluminum for transportation, aluminum for lightweight vehicles and other products at the forefront of industry development. . The company has obtained the “Weapon Equipment Quality Management System Certification” and “Level 3 Confidentiality Qualification Certificate for Weapon Equipment Research and Production Units”, which has laid a solid foundation for the company to enter the aerospace and military fields.

The blueprint has been drawn. In the second half of the year, the company will continue to press the “fast forward button” of project construction, run out of the “acceleration” of production capacity expansion, start the “new journey” of transformation and upgrading, and help the company to create new glories.